Iowa's Limited Benefit Plan. D. Personal Plans for Leaving Welfare


The LBP Survey asked respondents about personal plans, other than the FIA, that they had for leaving welfare prior to the termination of cash assistance. As shown in Table VI.8, about 61 percent of respondents indicated that they had such a plan. The most common type of plan identified by these respondents was finding employment (70 percent); it is possible, of course, that this was also an FIA goal of those who had an FIA. Of those with a personal plan, 38 percent had planned to find a job and had succeeded, while 32 percent had planned to find a job and had not succeeded.

After employment, education was the next most common personal plan for leaving welfare (26 percent). Nearly 17 percent of those with a personal plan had planned to attend college. About half of these respondents had succeeded in doing so, while the other half had not succeeded either due to lack of tuition assistance or a change in their health status.

Table VI.7
Table VI.8