Iowa's Limited Benefit Plan. D. Characteristics of LBP Cases and Individuals


Table III.3 presents descriptive statistics on the characteristics of LBP cases and individuals. There is roughly an equal proportion of cases with one, two, and three or more children, respectively:

33 percent include one child, 31 percent include two children, and 36 percent include three or more children. In approximately 71 percent of cases, the youngest person is a child between the ages of 0 and 5 years; in 45 percent of cases, the youngest member is less than 3 years old; and in 26 percent of cases, the youngest member is 3 to 5 years old. Approximately half of the cases reside in a metropolitan area.(9)

Table III.3

In the month immediately prior to the starting date of the LBP assignment, LBP cases received an average of $343 in FIP cash benefits and $206 in Food Stamp benefits. Approximately 8 percent of LBP cases received no FIP benefit in that month, indicating that these cases exited from FIP between the time of their assignment to the LBP and the starting date of the LBP. (10)

The individuals assigned to the LBP are predominantly white, unmarried females. Over 70 percent are currently unmarried: approximately 52 percent have never been married, and another 20 percent have previously been married (currently divorced, separated, or widowed). Just over half have completed at least a high school education. The average age of individuals assigned to the LBP is 28.5 years, and approximately 9 percent are teenagers.