Iowa's Limited Benefit Plan. C. Reasons for Assignment to the LBP


Table III.2 presents reasons for assignment to the LBP. Nearly all LBP assignments are the result of failure to take the steps necessary to develop and sign an FIA, as opposed to failure to fulfill requirements once an FIA has been signed. Pre-FIA assignments, that is, assignments made before an FIA has been signed, account for 97 percent of LBP assignments.

Table III.1
Table III.2

Among the specific, administrative reasons for assignment to the LBP, the most common is failure to keep the required appointment with PROMISE JOBS.(7) Approximately 58 percent of LBP assignments are made for this reason. Another 31 percent of LBP assignments are made because of failure to arrange the required PROMISE JOBS appointment in the first place. Thus, a total of 89 percent of LBP assignments result from failure either to make or to keep the required PROMISE JOBS appointment.(8) This represents a high level of noncompliance in the initial stages of the process of developing and signing an FIA. In comparison, only 8 percent of assignments result from noncompliance after individuals attend the PROMISE JOBS appointment but have not yet signed an FIA.