An Investigation of Interstate Variation in Medicaid Long-Term Care Use and Expenditures Across 40 States in 2006. III. Correlates of Long-term CARE System Performance


Having found substantial differences in the measures of LTC system balance, the important question is: why do such differences exist? If the differences are due to factors outside of a state's control, they suggest that either new approaches must be developed to address these challenges or that the extent of re-balancing will, under the best of circumstances, be limited in some states or populations. If they are related to factors within the state's control, they could indicate where low-scoring states may focus future efforts. In this chapter, we explore the relationship between potential influencing factors and LTC system performance.

We stress that this cross-sectional analysis is exploratory. The results do not indicate whether there are any causal relationships between state factors and the balance of LTC. However, we expect our results to point to directions for future work.

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