Inventory of Health Care Information Standards. Template for Frameworks, Architectures and Models


The purpose of this template is to assist the individuals in the ANSI HISB to create an inventory of frameworks, architectures and models to be included in the HISB Inventory of Standards Report to the DHHS.

The scope of the frameworks, architectures and models to be included in the Inventory of Standards Report are those FAMS which promote interoperability among healthcare information standards. These may include FAMS such as the Common Data Model of the IEEE Joint Working Group, the HL7 Draft Reference Model, CORBAMED, Health Industry Generic Architectures and others.

I. Category/Classification: Is this a framework, architecture or model?

II. Standards Development Organization (SDOs): Include SDO names and domain developing committees if appropriate.

III. ANSI Accreditation: Is this FAM led by an ANSI accredited organization?

IV. Name of framework, architecture or model:

I. Contact for more information: Include name, E-mail address, phone and fax number.

I. Description of framework, architecture or model. Include separate statements for:

  • Purpose
  • Scope and/or environment

· Type

  • How this FAM has/will be used
  • Modeling or other tools required
  • Other relevant information

VII. Readiness of framework, architecture or model:

A) Has it been published?

B) Is it a draft or a final version?

C) Has it been implemented? If so, where and when?

D) If the FAM is under development, what portions are available now?

E) What are the target dates for additional portions or versions of this FAM?

F) Is the use of this FAM dependent on the availability/selection of a tool?

G) Is the use of the FAM dependent on an RFI, an RFP or other evaluation or selection process?

H) Please note any other indicators of readiness that may be appropriate.

I. Indicator of Market Acceptance:

A) If the FAM is published, how many copies have been requested and distributed?

B) If the FAM can be implemented, how many vendors, healthcare organizations and/or government agencies have used it?

A) Is this FAM being used in other countries, which are they?

D) Which SDOs are committed to comply with or use this FAM?

E) Please note any other relevant indicator of market acceptance within the public or private sector

IX. Level of Specificity: Describe the ISO level, the detail and/or the specificity of this FAM

X. Identifiable Costs.

Notes: A) Please indicate the cost or your best estimate for the


  • Cost of licensure:
  • Cost of acquisition (if different from licensure):.
  • Cost/timeframes for education and training:
  • Cost/timeframes for implementation.
  • Please note any other cost considerations.