Inventory of Health Care Information Standards. National Uniform Claim Committee Recommended Data Set for a Non-Institutional Claim or Encounter


Description of Standard:

The NUCC data set is intended for the transmission of claim and encounter information to and from all third-party payers, regardless of whether the envelope is paper or electronic.

Readiness Of Standard:

The NUCC will make its recommendation available to the public in the first quarter of 1997.

Identifiable Costs:

No or minimal costs.

Contact For More Information:

Mark J. Segal, Ph.D.

Chair, National Uniform Claim Committee

Director, American Medical Association

515 N. State Street

Chicago, IL 60610

Phone: 312/464/4726

Fax: 312/464/5836


Indicator Of Market Acceptance:

Voting members of the NUCC represent key provider and public and private payer organizations. Constituencies of these organizations were surveyed twice during the development of NUCC recommendations.