Inventory of Health Care Information Standards. Health Level Seven, Inc. (HL7)


Category/Classification of Standard

  • Health Claims Or Equivalent Encounter Information - Health Level Seven provides healthcare organizations such as hospitals and clinics the ability to consolidate patient billing information between computer systems. HL7 also provides the ability to transmit appropriate healthcare claims to the Health Care Financing Administration using their proprietary formats: UB82 for HL7 Versions 1.0 through 2.1 and the UB92 for HL7 Versions 2.2 and 2.3. In particular the UB82 part of the HL7 Standard predates the X12 835 transaction set by five years. If "equivalent encounter information" is to mean the clinical data associated with an encounter, then HL7 is currently uniquely positioned to have an existing standard to send this data. It is reasonable to expect that this type of clinical data would be included in the NCQA and HEDIS reporting requirements.
  • Health Claims Attachments - In all versions, HL7 provides data interchange formats for consolidating patient-specific clinical information to support most healthcare claims, including physician's orders, prescriptions, laboratory and clinical tests, diagnostic procedures (excluding imaging) and resulting outcomes. HL7 version 2.2 is the only ANSI approved clinical data interchange standard in these areas. HL7 has also defined segments to transmit data (including clinical data) associated with an injury or accident.
  • First Report Of Injury - In collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Health Level Seven is developing an Emergency Room data interchange format to report specific first encounter disease information.
  • Referral Certification And Authorization - Health Level Seven has specific segments and trigger events to perform the data interchange necessary for referral and authorization. This request most frequently requires detailed clinical data over several encounters. Health Level Seven is uniquely positioned to meet these requirements.

Health Level Seven became an ANSI accredited SDO, Accredited Organization Method, on June 12, 1994.