Inventory of Health Care Information Standards. CEN TC251 Working Group 6 on Security, Privacy, Quality and Safety


CEN TC251 Working Group 6 (WG6), under the Chairmanship of Dr. Gunnar Klein

of Sweden (recently appointed to chairman for CEN TC251) is charged with managing the development of security and confidentiality standards for the European Commission. CEN TC 251 WG6 represents a consolidated effort to develop comprehensive standards in security and confidentiality for health information. CEN TC251 WG6 has completed a pre-standard Security Categorization and Protection of Healthcare Information Systems (COMPUSEC) and a digital signature standard. The digital signature standard mandates the use of RSA's digital signature and authentication algorithm. Additional standards work is currently underway in CEN TC251 WG6 in trusted systems in conjunction with TRUSTHEALTH a project within the Telematics Applications Programme, supported by the European Commission. TRUSTHEALTH is a project to build and test technical security services to support data confidentiality, document origin authentication, time stamps, access authentication, and professional authorization access controls.

Additional CEN TC 251, and/or European Commission health care security-related projects include: ISHTAR (Implementation of Secure Healthcare Telematics Applications in Europe); HAWSA; DAICARD3; MEDSEC; EUROMED-ETS (distributed trusted third party services); and, SEMRIC (Secure Medical Record Information Communication).

European Committee for Standardization Technical Committee CEN TC251 contact:

Gunnar Klein

Chairman CEN TC251


Renstiernas Gata 14

S-116 28 Stockholm

Sweden or

46-8-702 93 60 [voice]

46-8-702 93 61 [fax]