Inventory of Health Care Information Standards. Accredited Standards Committee X12 Insurance Subcommittee, Health Care Task Group


ANSI Accreditation: X12 was accredited as an ANSI accredited standards committee in 1979. Subsequent X12 procedure changes have required ANSI re-accreditation which was last granted in 1987.


The main objective of ASC X12 is to develop Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards to facilitate electronic business transactions (i.e. order placement and processing, shipping and receiving, invoicing, payment, cash application data, insurance transactions). ASC X12 endeavors to structure standards in a manner that computer programs can translate data to and from internal formats without extensive reprogramming.

This strategy allows companies to maximize their resources required for internally developed or commercial software (recommended) and private or public-access communication networks. ASC X12 believes that all sizes of companies using intelligent computational devices can benefit from the use of the standard. The efficiencies of standard interchange format can minimize the difficulties incurred from each organization using its own formats to transact business. Within ASC X12, the various subcommittees are responsible for developing standards in their area of expertise. Once a subcommittee has developed a draft standard the full ASC X12 membership reviews and approves it according to the operating policies and procedures. All standards (new or changed) require the consensus approval of the full ASC X12 membership. The approved standard becomes a draft standard for trial use for a reasonable trial period. After the trial period the draft standards are submitted to ANSI to become an American National Standard (ANS).