An Inventory Of Federally Sponsored HIV And HIV-Relevant Databases. National Vital Statistics System (NVSS)


The National Vital Statistics System, conducted by NCHS in partnership with 54 States and vital registration offices, provides complete coverage of all births and deaths in the United States. This program is used to track HIV infection mortality by age, race, Hispanic origin, and sex for the United States, each State, county, and cities of 10,000 or more population from 1987 to the present (currently 1997 data year). This program also includes information on decedents by educational attainment, marital status, place of death (hospital, residence, nursing home, and other places), occupation and industry (for selected States), and State or country of birth.

HIV infection mortality data are available on public use data tapes, CD-ROMS (1991-1996), and in National Vital Statistics Reports (formerly Monthly Vital Statistics Reports), and Vital Statistics of the United States, Volume II, Mortality (annually through 1992 data year). Additional information and reports can be obtained from the NCHS web page at:

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