An Inventory Of Federally Sponsored HIV And HIV-Relevant Databases. National Nursing Home Survey (NNHS)


The National Nursing Home Survey (NNHS) is a continuing series of surveys of nursing homes, their residents, and their staff. Recent surveys have included nursing homes that were freestanding or were nursing care units of hospitals, retirement centers, or similar institutions where the unit maintained financial and resident records separate from those of the larger institutions. Board and care homes and homes with fewer than three beds were excluded. The NNHS provides information from two perspectives: that of the provider of services and that of the recipient. Data about the facilities include characteristics such as size, ownership, Medicare/Medicaid certification, occupancy rate, days of the care provided, and expenses. For recipients, data are obtained on demographic characteristics, health status, and services received. The NNHS was conducted in 1973 to 1974, 1977, 1985, 1995, and 1997, and will be conducted in 1999.