Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Washington


Washington is studying all three populations listed in the announcement:  those who leave welfare, those who are diverted (in this case through lump­sum payments), and those who appear to be eligible but do not enroll.  Three cohorts are being analyzed by linked administrative data:  a pre­TANF cohort from the fourth quarter of 1996; an early­implementation cohort from the fourth quarter of 1997; and a full­implementation cohort from the fourth quarter of 1998.  TANF data will be linked to data from Medicaid, food stamps, child support, child welfare, unemployment insurance, and the State Basic Health plan.  Each cohort will include a sample of continuing cases for comparison.  A mixed mode survey of 1,000 cases is planned for the third and final cohort.  The survey sample is split evenly between individuals leaving TANF and TANF entrants, with an emphasis being placed on leavers in rural areas of the state.

Estimated Completion Date:  A draft interim report was submitted in late April 1999.  The final report, containing both the survey and administrative data analyses, is scheduled to be submitted by November 30, 1999.