Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Vermont


This project is led by the Vermont Agency for Human Services in partnership with the Department of Education, the University of Vermont, and the State Team for Children, Families and Individuals, an executive collaborative council comprised of state agency and community representatives.  Since Vermont has several years of experience in publishing child indicators at the state and local levels, this project focuses on making investments in a few specific areas.  First, the project will develop and pilot­test a new measure of school readiness and increase the use of indicators of developmental assets of youth.  Second, it will develop a web­based mapping application to allow users to convey information for certain human services and education indicators in ways that are not currently available.  Third, it will extend the development of a data hotel for individual­level data intended to facilitate research and program evaluation on issues related to welfare reform and childrens well­being.  It will promote case studies of selected communities and their role in affecting local performance on indicators.  Finally, it plans to sponsor a regional forum to promote exchange of knowledge around indicators among New England states.