Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Update on 1998 state child indicators grants


Also in September 1998, grants totaling approximately $650,000 were awarded to 13 states for the purpose of developing and monitoring indicators of children’s health and well­being.  The overall aims of this project are to:  (1) promote state efforts to develop and monitor indicators of the health and well­being of children as welfare reform and other policy changes occur; and (2) help to institutionalize the use of indicator data in state and local policy work.  In relation to welfare monitoring, the purpose is to help states focus on areas where children’s well­being may be affected — positively or negatively — by welfare policies.  The competitive announcement published in the Federal Register in June 1998 encouraged states to work on indicator strategies for monitoring the health and well­being of children whose families leave the welfare rolls.  States plans include using state­specific administrative and survey data to measure and monitor their indicators.  ASPE anticipates making continuation funding available in FY 1999 on the basis of state advancements in indicator work during the first year and their identified goals, objectives and strategies for advancing their work during the second year.  A large number of the grantees are in the early stages of indicator development and spent the first year conceptualizing the indicators, in anticipation of future measuring and monitoring.  A brief descriptions of each child indicators grant project is included in Appendix B.