Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Understanding the Impact of TANF and Other Laws on Immigrant Families


ASPE, ACF, the Department’s Health Care Financing Administration, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service are providing support to deepen our understanding of the impact of recent changes in Federal laws on immigrant families and children by conducting a large­scale study of immigrants and their communities in Los Angeles and New York City, through a grant to the Urban Institute.  Field work begin in the spring of 1999.  Preliminary analyses of Los Angeles County administrative data and the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey show that the participation rate of immigrants in a wide array of benefit programs has declined more precipitously than the rate of citizens, even prior to implementation of new immigrant eligibility restrictions.  Obtaining primary data on immigrant families in Los Angeles and New York City should begin to help us better understand the causes of these declines.  Funds were also used to support updating the TRIM modeling program2 to include parameters about immigrants, and as a subset, refugees and non­refugees using 1995 data as a baseline.  The updated model has already been used to estimate the rate of participation in the Medicaid program by immigrants.

Estimated Completion Date:  Fall of 2000.