Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Social Security Summary Earnings Records


Plans are being developed to transfer FY 1999 welfare outcomes research funds to the Bureau of the Census for the purpose of obtaining a national sample of adult AFDC recipients and tracking the pre- and post­employment outcomes under TANF using matched Social Security Summary Earnings Records.  Tracking the post­1996 employment experience of adults who received AFDC benefits in 1996 offers a means of assessing how well the welfare reform legislation goals of substituting employment for entitlement to cash benefits for adult caretakers of dependent children are being met.  One means of carrying out such tracking is to follow the post­1996 earnings of a nationally representative sample (or samples) of adults who received AFDC benefits in 1996.  Ideally, this project will produce a descriptive study of the employment outcomes for a sizable national sample of pre­TANF adult AFDC recipients and address the role of policy differences in affecting outcomes and to what extent the observed outcomes are the result of TANF and to what extent they reflect labor market conditions.