Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Missouri


This project is based on two valuable databases:  a comprehensive state­wide collection of administrative data from health and human services programs, employment and training programs and wage records maintained by the University of Missouri, and a unique database of non­profit emergency assistance in metropolitan Kansas City created by the Mid America Assistance Council, a consortium of non­profit agencies using shared forms and intake procedures.  These existing databases will be linked to each other and to a two­cohort survey of TANF leavers by the Midwest Research Institute.

Estimated Completion Date:  The survey instrument has been finalized and piloted; interviews of fourth quarter 1996 TANF leavers began in March 1999.  They expect to complete their preliminary administrative data analysis by the end of April and to begin linking survey data with administrative data by July.  The projected end date of the project is October 2000.