Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Minnesota


This project is led by the Minnesota Department of Health, Maternal and Child Health Division, in partnership with the Department of Children, Families and Learning, Department of Human Services, Minnesota Planning, the Childrens Defense Fund of Minnesota, and University of Minnesota researchers.  The project plans to:

  1. Create a common set of childrens health, educational, and social well­being indicators across key agencies;

  2. Identify and seek solutions to barriers that currently limit the agenciescapacity to share  data;

  3. Develop an interagency data system for long­term monitoring of the health and well­being of children and tracking the effects of welfare reform;

  4. Develop web sites, publications and other means of communicating indicator data to policy makers, program staff and the public; and

  5. Ttrain personnel from public and private agencies on how to access and use the new data system and how indicator data can be used in policy making and in tracking the effects of welfare reform.

The Department of Health will have the lead role in coordinating project activities and providing training and technical assistance to other agencies in the use of the data system.