Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Iowa State Feasibility Project


Senate Report language to the FY 1999 Appropriations bill expressed the need to develop a mechanism to provide State­based or multi­state information, particularly in less densely populated areas.  Iowa State University has been working with the Census Bureau to develop an approach for state­level surveys that are relevant for local welfare program design, implementation, and evaluation and can be integrated into the Bureau’s Survey of Program Dynamics (SPD).  The Bureau of the Census is currently supporting work by Iowa State University to explore the feasibility of extending and expanding the SPD to capture state­level reliable samples for use in exploring the outcomes of federal and state policies, as well as local economic conditions of low­income families.  ASPE funding would support further feasibility work on the extended survey in response to Census Bureau findings, including questionnaire design and the development of a dual­frame methodology for defining a sampling frame.  Given the need for state­specific questions and data, but desire for a national framework, we believe this is a promising approach.