Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Hawaii


Recent state legislation in Hawaii endorsed the development of a result­based accountability system using benchmarks and indicators to track child outcomes and to coordinate efforts across public and private agencies that serve children and families.  On this basis, the Hawaii Department of Health is leading a partnership in pursuit of three goals:

  1. To identify a common set of indicators on the health and early childhood education and care of children from birth to five years of age, with special focus on those who receive or have recently left welfare or are homeless;

  2. To establish a data collection and reporting system on the indicators that has long­term sustainability; and

  3. Tto develop a mechanism for affecting social policy for young children through the use of indicator data.

The partnership includes the Department of Human Services, Department of Education, Good Beginnings Alliance, Hawaii KIDS COUNT, and the University of Hawaii Center on the Family.  In addition, the Governors Policy Advisor on Children and Families will play a key role.  Each of the partners is represented on the Partners Council and will contribute staff to the Councils four work teams which focus on community outreach, data collection and systems, media relations, and policy development and analysis.