Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Georgia


This project assessing the impact of welfare reform on women leaving TANF in Georgia will add a new component to a larger ongoing study.  The current effort involves two cohorts:  a sample of 2,000 leavers from January to October 1997 tracked in administrative data; and a telephone survey of 200 leavers per month from July 1998 to June 2001, for a total of 7,800.  ASPE funding will allow the state to add a two­wave survey of sanctioned cases, before exit and again six months later, which will provide for non­experimental analyses of the impact of leaving TANF.  The State also received separate funding for in-person interviews of 500 persons whom they are unable to contact by telephone, addressing the very real problem of non­response bias in telephone surveys of low­income populations.

Estimated Completion Date:  The contractor, Georgia State University, experienced initial delays in receiving necessary data from the state, creating difficulties in finding the “leavers” and causing implementation of their survey instrument to be delayed about three months.  Their final survey instrument has been tested and implemented.  An interim report of administrative data analysis was mailed in late April.  The end data for their project is January 2000.