Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Evaluating the Feasibility of Using Food Stamp Administrative Data to Track Welfare Leavers


Mathematica Policy Research is continuing to explore various ways in which Food Stamp Program administrative data can be used to look at welfare leavers and nonparticipants.  This could include various analyses depending on their feasibility, such as an assessment of whether TANF leavers and nonparticipants in the 1998 grantee states and counties are representative of leavers and nonparticipants in the rest of the country.  Another example of potential analysis under this study is a simulation of changes in TANF participation rates among those who are income eligible and on Food Stamps both before and after welfare reform, looking at the characteristics of the caseload, program parameters, and economic conditions.

Estimated Completion Date:  Fall 1999