Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Conclusions


The projects supported by the targeted Policy Research funds are critical for understanding the outcomes of welfare reform and the Department is committed to advancing its welfare outcomes research data base.  The research, evaluation and data activities supported by these funds are also crucial to the Department’s ability to respond to questions about the outcomes of welfare reform.  The Administration for Children and Families and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, in particular, have contributed both financial and intellectual resources to enhance these efforts.  Substantial support for the state and local grant projects was also provided by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Labor.

Projects proposed to be funded by the $5 million FY 1999 appropriation are summarized in the next chapter.  The final chapter of this report provides an update on projects funded by the $5 million FY 1998 appropriation.  Details on the 1998 state and county grants awarded for welfare “leavers” projects are included in Appendix A.  Descriptions of the grants awarded to advance states’ child indicators initiatives are included in Appendix B.