Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Arizona


This project, the TANF Cash Exit Study, involves cohorts from the last calendar quarter of 1996 and the first calendar quarter of 1998, with administrative data from multiple systems for both cohorts and a sample survey of 800 cases from cohort two.  Arizona has waivers which allow for 24 months of transitional child care and Medicaid.  The project is looking at whether people are taking advantage of these benefits and the reasons why or why not.  Arizona has also recently implemented progressive sanctioning, ending in full­family sanctions.  They are interested in learning whether these sanctions are succeeding in motivating participation or employment.  The project is being run by the Research and Reporting Office of Maricopa County.

Estimated Completion Date:  The draft interim report has been submitted and is expected to be available very soon.  It will include preliminary results from their administrative data analysis covering 12 months of data for October - December 1996 and six months of follow-up data for the January - March 1998 cohort.  Their survey instrument has been finalized and piloted; administration of the final instrument was scheduled to begin in March.  The end date for the project is August 1999.