Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Alaska


This project proposes to establish health and well­being indicators for children ages 0-8 in order to monitor the impacts of welfare reform and other policy changes in Alaska.  In addition, the project will:

  1. Establish a database to allow for the collection, analysis, monitoring and sharing of indicator data;

  2. Develop a framework for involving communities in the development of their own indicators and in the collection and use of indicator data;

  3. Establish a marketing strategy to inform the public of indicator results; and

  4. Integrate the use of indicator data in policy making at the state and local levels.

The project is led by the Alaska Department of Community and Regional Affairs, Division of Community and Rural Development, in partnership with the Childrens Cabinet, an executive­level interagency council comprised of the directors of five state agencies (Departments of Community and Regional Affairs, Health and Social Services, Law, Education, and Public Safety and Corrections), the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General and the Budget Director.  Other participants in the project will include staff from the Governors Office and the Alaska KIDS COUNT Project at the University of Alaska.  Responsibility for the completion of project tasks will lie with a work group, comprised of representatives of most of the member agencies of the Childrens Cabinet.