Interim Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. 1999 state diversion grants


On April 1, 1999, ASPE announced in the Federal Register the availability of FY 1999 funds and a request for applications from states and large counties to determine the status of TANF applicants and potential TANF applicants, individuals and families entering the TANF caseload and individuals and families who leave TANF.  Through these grants ASPE hopes to support state efforts to gather a variety of information about diverted individuals and their families, including their economic and non­economic well­being and participation in government programs.  Of particular interest is learning about the degree to which TANF applicants are aware of their potential eligibility for Medicaid and other programs and services that are important in helping families make a successful transition to work5.  Each grantee will be expected to use administrative records from multiple programs and/or other data­gathering techniques to identify and conduct research into the experiences of the study population (as defined by the grantee) over time.  A large number of applications were received from interested states and large counties by the May 17, 1999 deadline; approximately 4-6 grant awards are anticipated.