Interim Evaluation Report: Congressionally Mandated Evaluation of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. A. Overview of Design Activities


Designing the evaluation required specifying the research questions in detail, selecting the ten evaluation states and gaining their cooperation, designing the primary data collection approaches, and defining the analytic approaches to be used to address the questions. A ten-member technical advisory group of researchers and policy experts convened by the contractor, along with a departmental advisory group convened by ASPE, reviewed the draft evaluation design. The input from these groups was incorporated in a final design report (Wooldridge et al. 2001).

The first year of the congressionally mandated study of SCHIP was devoted primarily to case study and focus group data collection and analysis, and to other study components that would provide usable information for this report. Also during the first year, the contractor designed the mandated survey of SCHIP enrollees and disenrollees and worked with the states to collect the enrollment records needed both to conduct the survey and to analyze enrollment and disenrollment patterns.

This chapter begins by describing the activities related to the study components whose findings are included in this report to Congress:

  • Selection of ten study states (Section B)
  • Case study design and implementation (Section C)
  • Focus group study design and implementation (Section D)
  • SLAITS analysis (Section E)
  • Special Studies (Section F)

The chapter continues with a discussion of the design of the remaining study components, which will generate findings that will be reported in a final, comprehensive report to Congress. Those components are:

  • Analysis of state enrollment data (Section G)
  • Survey of SCHIP and Medicaid enrollees and disenrollees and survey of state program administrators (Section H)

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