Interim Evaluation Report: Congressionally Mandated Evaluation of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. IV. Introduction to Findings


The findings presented in this report are based on several studies. First, the findings draw extensively on the case studies of six of the ten study states and the focus group study included in the overall evaluation. Preliminary, quantitative analyses of state administrative data and SLAITS data contributed additional findings. Finally, a special study of family coverage is the source of findings on that subject. Table 2 shows, for each evaluation topic covered by a chapter of this report, which studies contributed to the findings. Table 3 shows which states each of the studies included. Next follow chapters devoted to key evaluation topics. We begin with outreach (Chapter VI), awareness of SCHIP and Medicaid among low-income families (Chapter VII), eligibility and enrollment (Chapter VIII), and eligibility redetermination and retention (Chapter IX). We move on to discuss program benefits (Chapter X), service delivery systems, access and utilization (Chapter XI), and cost sharing (Chapter XII). We then present chapters on crowd-out (Chapter XIII), family coverage and premium assistance programs (Chapter XIV), financing and fiscal outlook (Chapter XV), and the coordination of SCHIP and Medicaid in the states with separate programs (Chapter XVI). A chapter summarizing the study findings and drawing conclusions completes Part 2.

Chapter/Topic Data Source
Case Studies Focus Group Study SLAITS Analysis Program Data Analysis Family Coverage Study
V. Overview of SCHIP Programs in Six of the Ten Study States x        
VI. Outreach x x      
VII. Awareness of SCHIP and Medicaid Among Low-Income Families   x x    
VIII. Eligibility and Enrollment x x      
IX. Eligibility Redetermination and Retention x x   x  
X. Benefits x x      
XI. Service Delivery Systems, Access and Utilization x x      
XII. Cost Sharing x x      
XIII. Crowd-Out x x      
XIV. Family Coverage and Premium Assistance Programs x       x
XV. Financing and Fiscal Outlook x        
XVI. Coordination of SCHIP and Medicaid in States with Separate Programs x x      


States Included in Each Study Data Source
Case Studies Focus Group Study SLAITS Analysis Program Data Analysis Family Coverage Study
All states     x    
California x x      
Colorado x x      
Florida a x      
Georgia   x      
Illinois a        
Louisiana x     x  
Maryland   x      
Missouri x x      
New Jersey a     x x
New York x x      
North Carolina a        
Ohio   x      
Rhode Island         x
Texas x x   x  
Wisconsin         x

aFlorida, Illinois, New Jersey, and North Carolina are included in the evaluation, but case studies of these states will not be completed until after this report has been finalized. Findings from these four case studies will be included in the final Report to Congress.

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