Interim Evaluation Report: Congressionally Mandated Evaluation of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. II. The Congressionally Mandated Evaluation


This report to Congress summarizes the findings to date stemming from the Congressionally mandated study of SCHIP. The study, to be completed in three years, had been underway for only one year when this report was prepared. Therefore, this first report presents interim findings from data collected and analyzed early in the study, and it focuses primarily on the implementation of SCHIP and its effects on state, contractor, health care provider, and family experiences.

The report has two parts. Part 1 provides background about SCHIP and the mandated evaluation, including the evaluation design. Part 2 presents interim findings from the study. Appendix A displays the legislation mandating the study. Appendix B includes tables displaying the composition of the 51 focus groups. Appendix C describes further analyses that will be conducted under this evaluation and the final report to Congress in which they will be presented.

This chapter begins by providing an overview of the congressional mandate to evaluate SCHIP. This is followed by a description of how the evaluation "blueprint," laid out in the statutory language, was translated into a concrete research strategy and evaluation design. In the process, the broad policy concerns and specific research questions this evaluation addresses are reviewed.

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