Interim Evaluation Report: Congressionally Mandated Evaluation of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. G. Enrollment Data


State SCHIP and Medicaid enrollment data are key sources of data for this evaluation. First, they are being used to select the sample for the survey of enrollees and disenrollees. Second, these data are being analyzed to cast light on program enrollment, disenrollment, retention patterns and movement between the two programs. Enrollment data will be used to describe the SCHIP population--how many children are enrolled, the characteristics of these children, how many children are disenrolled and their characteristics, and net growth in program enrollment. A second focus of analysis is the redetermination process and its outcomes. Finally, the states' administrative data will be matched with data from the enrollee and disenrollee survey, providing a rich source for understanding the relationships and dynamics that underlie program entry and exit of members of the study sample.

In the course of the initial data acquisition for survey sampling, sufficient data were acquired from three of the states (Louisiana, New Jersey, and Texas) to permit preliminary analyses of both retention and reenrollment of children who were previously enrolled (Moreno and Black 2001). Findings from this analysis are described in Part 2 of the report, in Chapter IX (on eligibility redetermination and retention). Later in the study, the program data will be matched to the data from the survey of SCHIP enrollees and disenrollees to conduct an extensive analysis of enrollment patterns, duration of enrollment, reasons for exit, and reenrollment for members of the survey sample.

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