Interim Evaluation Report: Congressionally Mandated Evaluation of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. F. Special Studies


To gather information on specific policy or program topics that were not covered by the overall study, or that emerge in the course of the evaluation, ASPE plans to conduct several targeted studies. In this report to Congress, ASPE has included findings from a special study on family coverage. Other special studies will be conducted for the final report to Congress.

The family coverage study analyzed family coverage policies in three states--New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin--that received demonstration authority to cover families, not just children, under Title XXI. The focus of the study was on program design, enrollment, the effect on the private health insurance market, and the impact on children's insurance coverage. The study was based on visits to the three states, during which interviews were conducted with state SCHIP staff, staff of managed care organizations, child health advocates and parents, employers, state insurance agency staff, legislators, and governors' health policy advisors. The information gathered through these interviews and a literature review is presented in full in a report to ASPE (Kaye, Wysen, and Pernice 2001). The findings are incorporated in Part 2 of this report in Chapter XIV (on family coverage).

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