Interim Evaluation Report: Congressionally Mandated Evaluation of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. E. State and Local Area Integrated Telephone Survey (Slaits) Analysis


The State and Local Integrated Telephone Survey (SLAITS) is a sampling and survey mechanism, developed by the National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Health and Resources Services Administration (HRSA) of the DHHS is currently using SLAITS to study the prevalence and experience of children with special health care needs. ASPE determined that the large number of households that had to be sampled to identify special needs children for the HRSA study made the survey an ideal source for identifying low-income households with uninsured children. By adding to the HRSA survey a Low-Income Uninsured Supplement, information could be gathered that was needed to address Congress' interest in the reasons many eligible children are not enrolled in Medicaid and SCHIP.

This survey is the largest to date that addresses barriers to enrollment in Medicaid and SCHIP. The survey, which was still in the field at the time this report was being prepared, will ultimately provide detailed data on an average of 200 low-income uninsured children in each state, for a total of nearly 10,000 nationwide. 12

For this first evaluation report, the National Center for Health Statistics developed a preliminary data file and preliminary sample weights. An analysis of these preliminary data is included in Part 2 of this report, in Chapter VII (on families' awareness and perceptions of SCHIP and Medicaid). The analysis focuses on the awareness of SCHIP and Medicaid among parents of low-income uninsured children, their beliefs about their children's eligibility for these programs, their perceptions of SCHIP and Medicaid application processes, their experiences in these programs, and their attitudes toward enrolling their children. An analysis of the complete survey supplement will be conducted later in the study and included in the final report to Congress.

12. SLAITS is a random digit dial survey of households that uses computer-assisted telephone interviewing methods.

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