Innovative State Strategies to Insure Children. Overview of Number of Uninsured


Low Income Uninsured Children by State*
(Numbers in Thousands)


Number of Children at or Below 200% of Poverty Without Health Insurance

Alabama 154
Alaska 9
Arizona 184
Arkansas 90
California 1281
Colorado 72
Connecticut 53
Delaware 13
District of Columbia 16
Florida 444
Georgia 214
Hawaii 13
Idaho 31
Illinois 211
Indiana 131
Iowa 67
Kansas 60
Kentucky 93
Louisiana 194
Maine 24
Maryland 100
Massachusetts 69
Michigan 156
Minnesota 50
Mississippi 110
Missouri 97
Montana 20
Nebraska 30
Nevada 43
New Hampshire 20
New Jersey 134
New Mexico 107
New York 399
North Carolina 138
North Dakota 10
Ohio 205
Oklahoma 161
Oregon 67
Pennsylvania 200
Rhode Island 19
South Carolina 110
South Dakota 15
Tennessee 115
Texas 1031
Utah 46
Vermont 7
Virginia 118
Washington 85
West Virginia 45
Wisconsin 71
Wyoming 15


*SOURCE: Final Notice from the Federal Register: State Children’s Health Insurance Program; Reserved Allotments to States for Fiscal Year 1998; Enhanced Federal Medical Assistance Percentages – September 9, 1997. See also

NOTE: The number of children for each state (provided in thousands) was determined and provided by the Bureau of the Census based on the arithmetic average of the number of low-income children and low-income children with no health insurance as calculated from the three most recent March supplements to the Current Population Survey. These data represent the number of people in each state under 19 years of age whose family income is at or below 200 percent of the poverty threshold appropriate for that family, and who are reported to be not covered by health insurance. The number of children for each state was developed by the Bureau of the Census based on the standard methodology used to determine official poverty status and uninsured status in their annual Current Population Reports on these topics.