Information Needs Associated with the Changing Organization and Delivery of Health Care: Summary of Perceptions, Activities, Key Gaps, and Priorities. E. Cross-Cutting Issues and Needs


A number of information needs expressed by respondents were more general and cut across the specific substantive questions and needs discussed thus far. These needs are reflected in the following questions:

  • How do each of the preceding issues translate to individual states? Do states have the data to answer these questions?
  • What data should providers be required to report, for example, by state regulators (e.g. NAIC standards)? What data are needed for some functions, such as grievance procedures?
  • How can health plans get comparable data across the mix of models included in their network and diverse products so they can compare components in their system and also compare themselves against others (taking into account difference in the levels of illness in the population, and provider structures)?
  • What clinical information systems are needed to address purchaser demands?
  • How can we get consistent regulatory financial and other data on managed care when they are regulated differently across states and payers?

Each of these issues arises as efforts are made to apply data to the diverse operational needs of the different groups.

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