Information Needs Associated with the Changing Organization and Delivery of Health Care: Summary of Perceptions, Activities, Key Gaps, and Priorities. Appendix D: Reviews of the Adequacy of Available Information


Periodic reviews have been conducted to develop information and/or consensus on the adequacy of available information. Federal data, more than state data, have been subject to review, although there is some information on state data. Reports assessing data collected by private-sector groups are less likely to be publicly available. Most assessments preceded the current marketplace changes and addressed specific kinds of data for which agencies had defined accountability. This limits the comprehensiveness of the scope of the efforts. The most relevant assessments we found are from the periodic reports issued by the National Committee for Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS), the typically more broad-based and topical studies funded through the Institute of Medicine (IOM), contracted studies of health expenditure accounts, and foundation-funded studies of state health data.

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