Indicators of Child, Family, and Community Connections. Availability of Trend Data


Indicators Availability of Trend Measures
  Trend in ASPE Chartbook Trends Published Trends Can Be Calculated Using Existing Data Trend Data Not Available
Family Structure
Family Structure   X    
Family Structure change       X
Families with grandparents who live nearby     X  
Births to unmarried teens X X    
Family Functioning
Parental warmth and affection with younger children     X  
Positive parent-adolescent relationships     X  
Parental awareness of adolescents' friends and activities     X  
Time spent with parents     X  
Contact with non-resident parents   X X  
Family, Work, and Child Care
Parental employment by family structure     X  
Work-family stress     X  
Family income   X    
Patterns of child care   X    
School Involvement and Civic Engagement
Parental involvement in school X X X  
Volunteering as a family     X  
Student participation in community service X X    
Parental voting     X  
Youth connection to school peers       X
School supportiveness       X
Parental religious service attendance X      
Adolescent participation in religious activities with their families     X  
Social Connections
Neighborhood community       X
Community of friends       X
Concern for safety       X
Residential mobility     X  

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