INDEPENDENT CHOICES: A National Symposium on Consumer-Direction and Self-Determination for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities. Rapid Response: Development of a Homecare Worker Replacement Service


Mrs. Y is a 72-year-old woman who lives alone and has limited vision because of her diabetes. One morning Mrs. Y's regularly scheduled homecare worker does not arrive. Mrs. Y becomes concerned because she requires meals and snacks at specific times, and she has not been bathed in a few days. Mrs. Y calls Rapid Response, and a homecare worker arrives within one hour. She discusses with Mrs. Y the tasks that need to be accomplished and proceeds to prepare Mrs. Y's meals, assists with bathing, and picks up needed groceries.

Ms. K has an amputated right leg, the result of an accident. She now lives with a roommate. At 4 a.m., Ms. K attempts to go to the bathroom but becomes trapped between her bed rails. Her roommate is unable to free her, so calls Rapid Response. A Rapid Response homecare worker works with Ms. K and the roommate to free Ms. K from the bed. After calming Ms. K, the homecare worker proceeds to provide personal care, changes the bedding, and does the laundry.