Increasing Organ Donation and Transplantation: The Challenge of Evaluation. B. Provider Education and Organization


Another set of programs focuses on provider education and organization. These programs address hospital and OPO readiness to effectively handle potential donors so as to maximize organ donation. Such programs might include training for hospital and OPO staff, involvement of OPO staff in the hospital infrastructure, and other similar efforts.

Sample hypothesis: Placing OPO coordinators on-site at hospitals will facilitate the organ donation process and increase organ donation rates.

Sample evaluation option:

  1. Select 50 trauma centers without in-house OPO coordinators and randomly assign 25 to receive an in-house OPO coordinator. Measure the difference in donations per potential donor after 6 months.
  • Strengths: prospective; randomized; externally controlled; donation rate measure.
  • Weaknesses: expensive to conduct medical records review and to continue study for a 6 month period; sample size is potentially too small to detect statistically significant differences.