Increasing Organ Donation and Transplantation: The Challenge of Evaluation. 4. Consent Rate


The fourth step of the retrieval process is the consent granted for donation by the family of the potential donor. The consent rate is the number of consenting families of potential donors divided either by total potential donors (determined by MRR) or by total identified or referred potential donors (determined from OPO or hospital data).

  • Requests decoupled from explanations of brain death, requests made in a private, quiet setting, and requests made of minority families by minority requestors have been correlated with higher consent and donation rates (e.g., Beasley 1997 and Kappel 1993). Because steps in the retrieval process after consent are affected largely by scientific matters such as tissue preservation and not by factors influenced by most donation activities (predisposition through request), consent rate is considered by many donation professionals to be the de facto outcome measure of programs to increase organ donation.