Improving Employment Outcomes for People with Psychiatric Disorders and Other Disabilities. A. Introduction


In this chapter, we review current funding mechanisms for SE and other employment supports for people with psychiatric disorders and other disabilities. The chapter is divided into two sections. In Section B, we review funding for SE and other employment supports available through Medicaid. In Section C, we review other funding sources for employment supports, such as state VR agencies, America's Career Centers Network, the VA, and employer-sponsored programs. Because individual agencies restrict the types of activities they fund, states often "braid" together funding from multiple sources to deliver comprehensive evidence-based SE programs. The major funding sources for employment supports are public, and many are limited to individuals eligible for Medicaid. Because individuals' incomes increase once they are successfully employed, they may lose eligibility for these supports, jeopardizing their ability to maintain employment. Moreover, such funding sources are of limited use for preventing unemployment and disability among people with psychiatric disorders who are not yet disabled. Several provisions of the ACA, discussed in the next chapter, are particularly important for preventing unemployment and disability and supporting working people with disabilities.

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