Improving Employment Outcomes for People with Psychiatric Disorders and Other Disabilities. C. Organization of the Report


The remainder of the report is organized as follows. In Chapter II, we summarize the findings of a systematic review of evidence on employment services and supports provided to people with SMI in the three subgroups mentioned above. In Chapter III, we synthesize evidence on the effectiveness of work supports and services currently available to the broader population of people with disabilities. In these two chapters, we summarize the significant findings of more extensive literature reviews we previously prepared for ASPE. In Chapter IV, we describe the employment and program-participation patterns of people with disabilities before they apply for SSDI. We synthesize existing data to produce statistics on the characteristics of subgroups of people with disabilities and their disability, work, and service-use trajectories. In Chapter V, we describe the funding mechanisms that can be used to pay for the services described in Chapter II and Chapter III. In the final chapter, we summarize the previous chapters and provide an analysis of opportunities and barriers to employment in the post-ACA environment.

Four appendices provide further details about the literature review methods and the SIPP analysis. We present tables summarizing the studies we reviewed in Appendix A and our overall methodology for conducting the literature reviews in Appendix B. Appendix C provides details about the methods for the SIPP analysis and Appendix D provides additional tables.

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