Improving Data for Decision Making: HHS Data Collection Strategies for a Transformed Health System: Implementation Update and Accomplishments. Vulnerable and Special Populations and Small Area Data


  • HHS has developed data collection standards for race, ethnicity, primary language and other demographic data as outlined in Section 4302 of the Affordable Care Act.  The Secretary adopted final data standards on October 28, 2011 and implementation is underway.
  • HHS agencies are developing and assessing the potential of model based estimates to provide data for small areas and special populations.  Specifically, NCHS is developing and assessing the potential of small area estimation procedures for the NHIS and other NCHS surveys.  HHS is working with external groups to improve State and local data.
  • LGBT population:  NCHS is currently field testing new questions and survey procedures to add measures of sexual orientation on the adult NHIS.  HHS is convening listening sessions with the external community on transgender health data needs.