Improving Data for Decision Making: HHS Data Collection Strategies for a Transformed Health System: Implementation Update and Accomplishments. Improving the Speed, Quality, and Efficiency of Data Collection


HHS is taking a number of steps to improve the speed of data collection by maximizing the appropriate use of web surveys, quick turnaround phone surveys, and automating data collection for provider surveys.  Examples include:

  • ASPE has initiated a new project with NCHS to test the feasibility of developing a web panel for the National Health Interview Survey.  NHANES is also exploring the feasibility and utility of a web capability.
  • AHRQ and ASPE are testing a quick response telephone survey for faster data collection on special topics using a limited sample in MEPS.  AHRQ is conducting a special survey on a small MEPS sample to explore the potential for a web component.
  • NCHS has re-designed and integrated its family of hospital, emergency department and outpatient departments into a new National Hospital Care Survey, and is developing plans for a family of long term care surveys and a core survey of long-term care facilities.
  • SAMHSA’s emergency room survey is being combined and integrated into the larger family of NCHS provider/facility surveys with interagency collaboration, increasing sample size and response rates, and providing additional data and linkage capability.
  • SAMHSA is merging its two national facility surveys, combining sample frames and instruments to streamline data collection, reduce burden, and expand online options.
  • ASPE and NCHS are pilot testing the feasibility of extracting clinical data from EHRs for the surveys of health care facilities and providers.
  • ASPE has initiated a project with CDC to assess the feasibility of acquiring standardized structured EHR data for public health surveillance reporting programs.