Improving Data for Decision Making: HHS Data Collection Strategies for a Transformed Health System: Implementation Update and Accomplishments. High Priority Data Needs


In its review, the Council identified a number of critical data priorities of department wide interest that agencies are endeavoring to address, including data on:

  • The impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other forces affecting health system change on health status outcomes, insurance coverage rates, access and quality indicators, health care expenditures and population health measures.
  • The impact of ACA on the behavior of States, health plans, employers, providers, and consumers.
  • Health status and health care disparities of vulnerable populations, such as racial and ethnic populations, persons with disabilities, rural populations and LGBT populations.
  • State and community level policy and public health data.
  • Changes in the adequacy of health care institutions and workforce to meet needs.
  • Social determinants of health and the changing nature of population health beyond the health care delivery system.