Improving Data for Decision Making: HHS Data Collection Strategies for a Transformed Health System: Implementation Update and Accomplishments. Goals to improve HHS data collection


In order to meet high priority data needs, the Council identified several goals that would assist the agency in this effort.

  • Goal 1:  Improve the speed and efficiency of data collection and release.
  • Goal 2:  Improve access to HHS data.
  • Goal 3:  Assure the privacy and confidentiality of HHS data.
  • Goal 4:  Enhance methodology to address policy and population data needs.
  • Goal 5:  Ensure that survey integration efforts are preserved and expanded.
  • Goal 6:  Maximize data linkages between HHS data systems to increase analytic capacity and survey efficiency.
  • Goal 7:  Promote opportunities for integration, standards, and alignment of surveys, administrative data systems and EHRs to meet data needs in a coordinated manner.