Improving Data for Decision Making: HHS Data Collection Strategies for a Transformed Health System: Implementation Update and Accomplishments. Addressing Emerging Needs


  • HHS will promote opportunities for integration, standards and alignment of surveys, administrative data systems and EHRs to meet emerging data needs in a coordinated manner.
  • The Data Council has established a Work Group to coordinate plans and activities for adding new questions to HHS and Census surveys to monitor the impact of health reform.
  • The Data Council has established a workgroup to review the new administrative data systems associated with ACA implementation to determine where greater alignment in terms of data standards can enhance the potential for ACA monitoring, policy analysis, and evaluation, and will describe how survey data can complement administrative data.
  • The Data Council will assess the utility of commercial data sources and nontraditional data sources to answer policy questions and increase HHS analytic capability.
  • The Data Council will coordinate a review of agency Research Data Centers with a view toward improvements in access to data while ensuring strict confidentiality protections.
  • The HHS Data Council will examine all current data linkage capacities and linked data sets.  Plans for new linked data sets will be highlighted.
  • HHS has begun a multi-agency effort to assess the current state of monitoring the workforce with existing data and the potential of new standardized data from States, professional groups, and other federal agencies to augment present efforts.