The Importance of Radiology and Pathology Communication in the Diagnosis and Staging of Cancer: Mammography as a Case Study. 6.4 Opportunities to improving the work of cancer registries


Several opportunities to improve cancer registries’ ability to collect pathology laboratory information in a timely manner are underway. Synoptic pathology reports in an electronic format provide a means to automatically populate the cancer registry database, reducing the time spent in re-typing information, eliminating transcription errors, and more accurately capturing the intent of the pathologist. 30 However, what has not been address by the cancer registry community is the challenge of discrepant or cross-report ambiguity between the radiologic and pathologic reports. An integrated workflow process that ensures the flow and availability of complete information produced by the two departments would improve the quality of cancer registry data including the accurate identification of potentially missed cancers, enhance the effectiveness of cancer registries operations, and conserve limited resources.

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