Implementation, Participation Patterns, Costs, and Two-Year Impacts of the Portland (Oregon) Welfare-to-Work Program: Executive Summary. Acknowledgments


This evaluation could not have taken place without the unwavering cooperation and commitment of the Oregon Adult and Family Services (AFS) and the Steps to Success staff.  The top management staff set the tone for this support:  Kevin Concannon and Gary Weeks, the present and past Directors of the Department of Human Resources (DHR); Sandie Hoback and Stephen Minnich, the present and past Administrators of the AFS Division of DHR, and Jerry Burns and Debbie White, the former Managers of the AFS JOBS Unit.  Their willingness to submit their welfare­to­work program to an ambitious, long­term study, with its elaborate research design and rigorous data requirements, merits special recognition.  Special thanks go also to Susan Blanche-Kappler, the site liaison with MDRC and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, who has overseen the implementation of the evaluation and has provided ongoing guidance and input.

A number of AFS management information systems personnel facilitated the access and utilization of state administrative and cost datasets:  Margaret Armontrout, Edward Buckner, Ward Kent, Larry Morris, and Bob Putman.

At the AFS District Two office, thanks are due to the current regional manager, Maureen Casterline, and her predecessor, Jean Stryker, as well as their staff for their support in implementing the evaluation research design:  Judith Brown, David Flock, Frank Gembinski, Erma Hepburn, Jean Pullen, and Marge Reinhart.

Many AFS branch office managers in Multnomah and Washington counties provided assistance over the course of the evaluation:  Pat Adair, Rod Brown, June Cook, Cathy Craner, Oren Cyphers, Hilda Davis, Bob Earnest, Carol Eckel, Dorothy Fuller, Angel Grogen, Veda Latin, Bruce Lowry, Linda Montgomery, Ann Pickar, Kei Quitevis, Will Reinhart, Pam Ruddell, C. L. Thames, and Roger Zwemke.

Thanks also go to Jodi Davich, Mardica Hicks, Maureen Judge-Morris, Nan Poppe, and Julie Wyckoff-Byers, the Steps to Success program managers at the Mt. Hood and Portland Community College Districts, as well as their staff for conducting the random assignment procedures and participating in a multitude of research activities.

The contribution of these people, plus many more too numerous to mention, made the evaluation in Oregon a success.