The Implementation of Maternity Group Home Programs: Serving Pregnant and Parenting Teens in a Residential Setting. Overview of this Report


The current report discusses the implementation of maternity group home programs in 22 different homes across these seven sites.  This systematic examination should both fill gaps in the existing literature and provide useful information for policymakers and for organizations considering establishing maternity group homes.  The rest of the report focuses on describing the implementation of maternity group home programs in these seven sites.  In particular, this report addresses three sets of research questions:

  1. Organization and Target Population.  What kinds of management structures support and guide larger maternity group home programs?  What are the sources of funding for these programs?  What are their eligibility requirements and typical referral sources?  What are the characteristics of the population these homes serve?
  2. Services Provided.  What are maternity group homes like?  What kinds of facilities house these programs?  What kinds of services do they provide?  What types of rules must residents follow?
  3. Staffing and Costs.  How are maternity group homes staffed?  What are the levels of funding for these programs?  Why do funding levels vary substantially across homes?

Chapters II through IV of this report discuss each of these topics in turn.  Chapter V summarizes the implementation lessons presented in the earlier chapters and makes recommendations for further research in this area.

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