The Implementation of Maternity Group Home Programs: Serving Pregnant and Parenting Teens in a Residential Setting. Endnotes


1 We have had a challenging time obtaining good funding information from some of the homes in this program. Therefore, these per-resident-family costs should be viewed only as approximate.

2 Inwood House officially has a capacity to serve 36 residents. However, the home has been operating below this capacity for some time, due primarily to a large drop in the city's foster care population in recent years.

3 Until shortly before our site visit in November 2004, one of the other three residential programs was also a maternity group home. However, FOY staff had recently decided to transition this home into a home for young women (ages 18 to 22) without children, because they felt this population was more in need of residential services in their area than was the young parent population.

4 Despite similar eligibility requirements, Harmony House tends to serve younger mothers who may need more supervision, while Arbor House tends to serve older mothers who are more ready for independent living.

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